Cold Prey (2006) [සිංහල උපසිරැසි සමඟ] පහලින් ඇති අපේ විශ්ව ග්ෲප් එකට එකතුවී අලුත්ම දැනුම්දීම් ලබාගන්න.???

Cold Prey (2006) Sinhala Subtitles [සිංහල උපසිරැසි සමඟ]

Year: Duration: 97 MinView: 1,117 views
191 votes, average 6.3 out of 10

Eirik and his girlfriend, Jannicke, join newly coupled Mikael and Ingunn, along with single wisecracker Morten, on a snowboarding excursion to a remote mountainous region in Norway. When Morten breaks his leg, however, and requires medical attention, the friends take shelter in an abandoned nearby ski lodge. Little do they know it also harbours a psychopathic killer.

Tagline:You’ll Catch Your Death.

Download Cold Prey (2006) Sinhala Subtitles [සිංහල උපසිරැසි සමඟ]

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